Arterial Vascular Conditions

To learn more about the vascular system and conditions that can affect it,
visit any of the links we have provided below.

Vascular Tests

These are the most common imaging tests that may be suggested to further understand your vascular system.

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Vascular Treatments

Learn more about the treatments, procedures and surgeries that are used to treat vascular diseases.

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Vascular Conditions

Learn about the most common vascular conditions that we treat.

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Your Vascular System

Learn about how your blood vessels are organized in your body and how they are affected by vascular diseases.

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Vascular Disease

Learn about how vascular disease effects the arteries in your body and the risk factors you can control to keep yourself healthy.

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Do you need surgical treatment?

Deciding to have a surgical procedure on your arteries and veins is complex. The decision has to balance the risk of the procedure against the possible risks of your medical condition. A Vascular Surgeon has extensive and specific training and experience with vascular diseases to perform your procedure or surgery.

If surgical treatment is warranted, the surgeon will explain why to you, and review the benefits of treatment as well as the alternatives with you. You will be given a date for surgery and an informative surgical package when you leave your appointment, which contains all necessary information related to the operation or procedure.

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